Hempura CBD Review: Should You Buy? The Pros & Cons (2020)

It is an exciting time in the world for anyone who is passionate about one of the biggest trends currently sweeping the world: CBD. With an ever growing sea of good manufacturers making quality CBD products, it can be hard to decide which one to go with on your CBD journey. 

In this huge sea of brands, however, one in particular sticks out as one to check out. Hempura is a CBD manufacturer who shows the world they want everyone to be well informed on CBD. Read on to find out everything about Hempura in this full review of the Hempura CBD lineup, and what makes them a brand you can trust.

A Primer: Just What is CBD?

For anyone who may not be completely up to date with the trend, CBD is quite simple. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant. The cannabinoid most are familiar with is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the natural cannabis compound that provides users with a high. Although both CBD and THC are found in cannabis, different cannabis plants product different amounts of each; hemp contains much more CBD than THC, while marijuana has a much higher concentration of THC. 

CBD, unlike THC, produces no high for users, but provides a host of other good things instead. CBD provides several medical effects for its users, helping them out greatly. CBD can help with chronic pain problems, sleep issues, anxiety and depression as well as seizures. For CBD products to be completely legal and in line with UK regulations, they must contain 0.2 percent or less THC – which is why most CBD products are made using hemp. 

Hemp-based CBD comes in many easy forms readily available for the user to enjoy it any way they wish. CBD can come in edible forms, vape pens or cartridges, topical lotion, oil, and more. There are many ways to use CBD, and Hempura provides many products that make jumping into the world of CBD super simple for people who have never tried it before. 

Hempura: A History

Hempura is still a relative newcomer to the CBD scene, with the company making its grand debut in 2017. Since then that have quickly risen to the top of the industry as a trusted name in the UK, and have even registered with the Cannabis Trades Association UK. This puts them a step ahead of many of the other CBD brands out there, establishing them as a name you can comfortably place your trust in. 

All of Hempura’s product lineup is made from hemp that was grown in Eastern Europe. This means they contain only the legal trace amounts of THC. Hempura has also made it clear that they want their customers to be well informed on all things about CBD. 

One of the things that truly differentiates this company from their competition is just how open and informative they are about CBD, seeking to educate their customers and newcomers to the CBD scene and let them know all about CBD. 

Hempura’s website is stuffed with goodies and information on CBD. They offer folks a free guide to CBD which can be downloaded and read anytime. Their site also has a Knowledge Centre that anyone can click through to learn a bunch of different things about different topics in the CBD world. 

All of Hempura’s products are made with batch numbers that are in turn linked to lab reports. All of these third party labs have tested and made available their lab results, and verify the quality and safety of Hempura’s oils and other CBD products. The reports can be found on the report database on Hempura’s website. It is also very easy to reach out to the Hempura team if you have a question about anything that isn’t answered on the website. 

Another neat bargain about the company is they offer free shipping anywhere in the UK. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Hempura’s Products

Hempura has an impressive lineup of products. Everything from CBD oil, to capsules, edibles, and vape products can be found in their online shop. This is a nice range of products for a CBD brand, and all of their products come in some of the coolest packaging offered by any CBD company. 

What sort of products does Hempura offer? 

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil

What’s a CBD company if they don’t sell one of the most basic CBD items: oils? Hempura’s CBD oil lineup contains only trace amounts of THC, is gluten free, and is even vegan friendly. Anyone in the world could use Hempura’s fine CBD oil.

This CBD oil contains no artificial flavorings or colors, so some may find the taste a bit off putting. This shouldn’t be a problem for too many, folks, however. While some Hempura reviews will cite the unpleasant taste, the effects will speak for themselves. All of their CBD oils come in 10mL bottles which equals around 200 drops of CBD. 

Hempura’s Full Spectrum CBD oil comes in several strength options. These include 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. 

  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 

Like the full spectrum CBD oil, the broad spectrum option is vegan friendly and gluten free, containing no artificial flavorings or colors. This does mean the taste could still be a bit off putting to some people. There is a slight difference between this version and the full spectrum version of Hempura’s CBD oil. 

The difference? Hempura’s broad spectrum CBD oils contain only cannabinoids and terpenes. This means that while the product still contains plenty of CBD, there is absolutely no THC content, zero THC. There are still trace amounts of other cannabinoids. 

The Hempura broad spectrum CBD oil comes in a 10mL bottle like its full spectrum cousin, but has only two strength options. These options are either 250mg or 500mg strength. 

  • CBD Edibles

What great CBD company doesn’t offer some form of CBD edibles? CBD edibles can come in all kinds of different forms, like gummies, lollipops, and so many more. Hempura has gone for something a little different, changing the game up just a little bit by offering white chocolate CBD edibles. 

Every packet of Hempura’s CBD edibles contains 20 pieces of white chocolate that are packed full of CBD. Some Hempura reviews have pointed out that vegans may not find this option to be for them, as it contains milk. They can also be a bit addictive being white chocolate, so they also may not be the best option for someone looking to cut down on how much sugar they’re putting into their system. For everyone else, though, this is one tasty product!

Like oil, the chocolates can be used sublingually, where the user lets the chocolate dissolve under their tongue. This allows for quick absorption of the CBD content in the edibles. Hempura even recommends that folks cut their chocolates in half and take one half in the morning and the other half later on during the day. 

Hempura’s edibles come in a few different strength options. There is a 200mg option with each chocolate containing 10mg. Another option is 500mg, which is 25mg per chocolate. The last option is 1000mg, equaling up to 50mg per piece of chocolate. 

  • CBD Capsules

Hempura also offers users a range of CBD capsules. These capsules come in boxes of 30, with a grand total of 300mg per box of capsules. This means each capsule contains a total of 10mg of CBD. Hempura’s CBD capsules also contain phytonutrients and terpenes as well.

Without that obvious taste of hemp present in CBD oils, capsules can be a lot easier for users to take. A CBD capsule regimen couldn’t be simpler, just take one twice a day. You could take one in the morning and one in the evening, for example. Hempura’s capsules only come in one strength option, which is the 300mg option. 

  • CBD E-Liquid

Like many other big brands in the CBD game, Hempura offers options for folks who prefer to vape to get their CBD intake. Hempura reviews of their CBD vapes say they like the taste, which is described as natural with a bit of a taste of citrus. That citrus effect is provided by the terpenes in the liquid, which contains no additional flavorings. 

Hempura’s CBD vape liquids are also completely gluten free and completely vegan friendly, making it another product that absolutely anyone can enjoy. For people new to vaping who may not have their own vaping devices, they provide a link on their website to a vape device on Amazon that they recommend for anyone new to the vaping scene. 

Hempura’s CBD e-liquid comes in two strengths, each in a 10mL bottle. They offer 250mg and 500mg strength options. 

In Summary

Hempura is a company with a lot of promise and a lot of love for their customers. As one of the few CBD companies that is a member of the Cannabis Trade Association UK, you know you can trust their products. They offer all sorts of educational materials regarding CBD that anyone can take advantage of to learn all about CBD. 

Hempura offers great pricing on a huge range of quality products, and they also offer that great bonus of free shipping to anywhere in the UK. They also offer transparency through the lab reports of third party tests. This shows that they take a vested interest in their product line and are proud of them, sharing all of that relevant information with the public. 

All of these things add up to make Hempura one of the most promising CBD brands out there right now. With such quality products and prices, as well as the educational and trust factor, they are going to be a CBD brand to watch out for in the future. It really shows when a company cares about their customers and makes a quality product, and in both of those regards, Hempura truly goes above and beyond. 

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