Boots CBD Review: Should You Buy? The Pros & Cons (2020)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you have surely seen the meteoric rise of CBD with your own eyes. In the last few years, CBD has taken over the UK, the United States, and many other countries, because of the benefits it offers. 

As CBD began to skyrocket in popularity and sales, entrepreneurs sat up and took notice. The newfound popularity of CBD meant that new brands were going to start popping up in droves, and pop up they did.

There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of CBD brands to choose from. 

Some of these companies are different, and stand out in the crowd. They may sell a really cool or novel CBD product, or they may engage with their customers in a unique and fun way. Whatever sets them apart, they are always the brands that people will remember. 

Boots is one such company that definitely deserves a closer look from more people shopping for CBD. What is the Boots company, what are they all about, and what are some of their products like? Let’s take a look.

Just What is Boots CBD? 

Boots UK is a huge retailer of health and beauty supplies. With over 2500 stores, Boots can be found throughout the UK. 

A safe bet to say is, if you didn’t know Boots UK before now, you truly have been living under a rock, because they are everywhere. They have all sorts of products on their shelves, and just recently added CBD to that lineup. 

You might also be interested to learn that Boots doesn’t sell their own CBD products. Instead they offer products made by two other companies: Ecoco and Dragonfly CBD. 

Dragonfly CBD, created in 2016 by three buddies, currently grows their hemp on farmland in Bulgaria. They are continuously researching hemp and CBD so that they can keep improving their products. They produce full spectrum CBD, and they also make their third party lab results available for transparency. 

All of Dragonfly’s CBD products contain zero THC, no GMOs, is vegan friendly, completely gluten free, and organic. Dragonfly CBD tries to do everything they can to minimize their footprint on the Earth, too, and are striving to become carbon neutral, which is quite the great stance for any company to take when it comes to their carbon footprint. 

Ecoco CBD is based in Chicago, Illinois, and they are a well-known producer of upscale skin and hair care products. Known for innovation, Ecoco decided recently to expand into CBD. Ecoco sells all sorts of CBD products, but Boots UK only sells one of those options. 

Boots UK CBD Products

Although Boots doesn’t make its own CBD products, they do sell the products of these two well-known CBD brands. It’s not an extremely big selection, however, as Boots UK is simply selling some of the CBD oils made by Dragonfly CBD and Ecoco. 

  • Ecoco CBD

The Ecoco CBD oil on Boots’ store shelves is called the Eco Style CBD Oil. This is a large bottle of CBD oil intended to be used as a topical application to just about any part of the body. 

With great, healthy ingredients like linalool and macadamia nut oil, you can rub this product into your into your hair or onto your skin to nourish and moisturize your body. This is one treatment made from all natural and high-quality ingredients. 

You can find a 59mL bottle, with 25mg of CBD per liter. That’s a pretty small amount of CBD, however. While there may not be much actual CBD in this bottle, you will still find that it may do wonders for your hair and skin. 

  • Dragonfly CBD

You’ll find a bit more variety of CBD oil here, as Boots stocks up on three different types of Dragonfly CBD oil. They are narrow spectrum oils, which means that they contain cannabinoids as well as terpenes in addition to CBD. This is a guarantee that there will be zero percent THC in these oils. 

Every bottle of Dragonfly CBD oil Boots sells comes with 10mL of oil. You can use it just like any other CBD oil; hold it under your tongue, add it to your favorite vape liquid, use it on your skin, and more. 

There are three different kinds of Dragonfly CBD oil that you can find at Boots: 

  • 300mg (3.3% CBD): The recommended dose for this one is eight drops. This equals about 12mg of CBD, giving each bottle about 25 servings of CBD. 
  • 500mg (5.6% CBD): The recommended serving for this one is five drops, equaling out to about 12.5mg of CBD. This bottle works out to about 40 servings of CBD. 
  • 1000mg (11.1% CBD): The recommended serving for this higher percentage CBD oil is three drops, equaling out to around 15mg of CBD. 

The Advantages of Boots CBD Oil

There are several pros to using CBD oil found at Boots UK: 

  • Boots UK is a well-known and trusted brand, for several reasons. When you purchase from Boots, you know every single product is completely legal and safe, which means you can purchase with confidence whatever you would like. 
  • The oil sold by Boots is stronger than what you will find in most other retail locations. The three strengths of Dragonfly CBD oil can do wonders for almost any CBD user in the world. 
  • Boots has clearly done their research on some of the most reputable CBD brands, because Dragonfly CBD is one of the biggest and most respected ones. If you’d like to see more Dragonfly CBD products, you can find a bigger range of products directly from their website. 
  • Some products sold at Boots are sold for cheaper prices than they are sold for on official sites, so you save money when you purchase these brands at Boots UK. 
  • Ecoco CBD is an American company, so Boots selling their products in the UK is one of the few ways UK customers can get the Eco Style CBD Oil. 

A Few Disadvantages of Boots CBD

As with almost every good thing in the world, there are a few cons to Boots CBD oils, as well: 

  • These oils aren’t actually made by Boots, as Boots UK is just reselling CBD oils made from other brands (Dragonfly CBD and Ecoco). 
  • Boots isn’t strictly a CBD company, so you won’t really find a wealth of information from them like you can from other CBD manufacturers. When you buy CBD, you need to be as informed as you can be. You’ll have to research the specific companies yourself if you’d like to see third party lab reports, for example. 
  • Sadly, at the moment, the range of CBD products offered by Boots is pretty limited. 

Closing Thoughts About Boots CBD

In a nutshell, what Boots is doing is great for CBD. When a big company like Boots, who isn’t even strictly a CBD retailer, starts stocking CBD, you know it really is CBD’s time to shine. Before too long, CBD will be a staple in many people’s regimens. 

Boots only sells a small and limited range of products at the moment, but that could change. As CBD grows and continues to get bigger in the public eye, don’t be surprised if you see Boots’ selection get larger and larger. 

If you’re brand new to the concept of CBD, buying from a trusted company like Boots can be appealing. If you’re a CBD veteran seeking stronger oils, however, you might be disappointed by Boots’ selection and you would probably be better served looking through the actual CBD brands’ websites for higher strength products. 

All in all, Boots is doing a great thing here by bringing CBD to a wider audience. For that, we must salute them. 

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